Export Service

Corporate activities


We export Japanese fruits, vegetables, and fishery products mainly to Asia.


Our company motto is to “deliver Japanese agricultural and fishery products to overseas customers in the best condition.”


Our mission is to enable our overseas customers to enjoy delicious fruits and fishery products produced in Japan at the freshest condition possible.

Company Characteristics

1. Thorough inspection & packing


All of our fruits and vegetables are shipped weekly from the Osaka Central Municipal Wholesale Markets. With a careful examination of the products and filling gaps with cushioning, we deliver the products to our customers in the best possible condition.


Inspected goods are shipped with cushioning materials in each carton as to prevent any damage during the transportation to the customer’s warehouse.


The service is proving popular among customers and is contributing to minimizing the loss of luxury food items.


2. Connoisseur of the highest quality and freshness


The largest size in the Japanese market! Meaty flesh has strong sweetness, rich flavor and even somewhat fruity!


Our oysters are produced in Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture and are sent to us from the largest supplier of oysters to the Tsukiji Market.


The premium quality oysters are unbelievably large for 12-month oysters, higher meat-to-shell ratio, have a strong sweet finish combined with creamy and even fruity flavor as they grow in the high brine sea water. These oysters are proving to be popular overseas.


Live oysters fresh out of the hatchery tank in the morning are shipped by air on the evening flight to ensure quality and freshness.


Products can reach our customers in Asia the following morning of the shipment. The speedy delivery is especially appreciated by our customers as it is the same freshness you would have at the Tsukiji Market in Japan while being in overseas.


3. We act as your buying office in Japan.


We would like our customers to think of us as their buying office in Japan.


We select and propose the best products to cater to your request.