Fresh shell oysters from Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

We only sell shell oysters from Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture. We chose just the oysters from Murotsu out of many others across Japan for the following reasons.

  • Murotsu Bay is sandwiched between Ibo River and Chikusa River. Thanks to the mineral-rich nutrients flowing from the mountain, the bay is rich in phytoplankton that is the feed of oysters. That is why the size of the 12-month oysters (Crassostrea gigas) grow largest in the nation. They grow in size as large as the 24-month or 36-month oysters from other areas in Japan.
  • Shells of 12-month oysters are thinner than those of 24-month or 36-month oysters, therefore, when comparing oysters of the same weight, 12-month oysters have the higher meat-to-shell ratio.
  • Oysters are hung under the raft for farming, then pulled out from the water once to be polished, then placed back in the ocean for another three weeks.
    The method requires more time and efforts, but it results in supplying oysters in consistently high quality. Oysters are placed in the sterile tank using the ultraviolet device for approximately 20 hours.
  • High brine content in the sea makes oysters with strong sweet and fruity flavor that make them famous.
  • With a relatively short history in oyster farming, Hyogo Prefecture has had no norovirus cases.
  • Oyster farmers avoid excessively congested farming, harvesting all oysters every season and no oysters remain for the following season.
  • Cleaning the sea bottom every year after April keeps the bed purified free of fallen oysters and sludges.
  • The products are 12-month oysters, therefore, pricing is more reasonable than 24-month or 36-month oysters.

For reasons stated above, we would like to encourage our overseas customers Japan’s No. 1 live shell oysters from Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture.

Frozen shell oysters intended to be eaten raw (from Murotsu, Hyogo Prefecture).

By flash freezing live shell oysters as soon as they are out of the tank using the quick freezing processing, cells of oysters will not be damaged and remain as fresh to be eaten raw.

Our customers give us a high rating for the following reasons.


  1. The best-before date is as long as 24 months and can be kept fresh for a long time.
  2. Smaller loss as oysters can be thawed according to your need.
  3. The quality is consistent throughout the year as oysters are harvested at its prime season and processed.
  4. Stocking oysters make stable supply of oysters possible throughout the year.
  5. Cost effective compared to live oysters.
  6. Shells are easy to open.

Japanese premium oyster - Murotsu oyster