Company Philosophy

~ Determined to become the leading exporter of the Japan-produced food to the world. ~


Our mission is to introduce Japanese products that sustain the Japanese food industry, despite its small scale, to the world. We ship not only the best and freshest products but also convey the passion of producers to our overseas customers.


Now, industrial products are the mainstream export from Japan, but we are hoping the agricultural and fishery products, foods, and beverages that take advantage of the country’s climate, environment, and know-how become mainstream in the future.


Those overseas customers who agree to become our partners, we ask them to consider us as their buying office in Japan.


We select and propose the best products to cater to your request.


We are passionate about customer satisfaction and customers who share the same idea as we do about carrying quality Japanese products in their countries. Our goal is to hear from our customers that they were glad to have businesses with us.

About Us

Company Name

Asia-Pacific Produce Co., Ltd.


近藤 彰彦(Akihiko Kondoh)



Yamamoto Real Estate Bldg. No.2 4F,
1-2-6, Nishidai, Itami, Hyogo 664-0858 Japan








Exporter of the agricultural, fisheries products (oysters, fruits, and vegetables)